Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Reason Behind MY Blog Name!

Dawn over at "As Sweet as Cinnamon" is having a little blog fun. Her question is "What's the reason behind the name?" Meaning the name of your blog. She is even having a give away to go with it. So this is what you need to do write a post about how you got your name for your blog and the story behind it. After that link up to her blog and your name is in the pot for a charm pack!! How fun. The following is my story for the name of my blog:

My name is Shannon. My husband and I were goofing off one day about the time we were married. He called me Shanunu! It stuck. Off and on all through our marriage he would call me Shanunu. LOL! So over time we shortened it to just Nunu, it is pronounced  like this noo noo, rhymes with moo moo (but that is a joke for another day). Now it is almost a term of endearment, great movie by the way! When I was deciding to do a blog I had been thinking about a name. I knew I needed one that was unique, something to help me to stand out. Well Nunu is was for sure. It was going to call my blog Nunu's Quilts, Cards, and Cakes but it seemed just too long. So I decided just to stick with the quilting and if that went well I could add in cards and cakes. I have been so busy that I have made no new cards in over a year gasp!! I have been making cakes though, for all my families birthday parties. I took a cake class at Joann's and have been hooked. I have made something like 20 cakes. Maybe I will add a page to show off my cakes. So anyway Nunu is me, Quilt is a blanket and World is where I am at. SOOOO

I am interested in reading everybody's stories. so go over and join in the fun.



  1. Oh I love it...'Nunu'... fabulous... and it is unique... would love to see some cakes so yes do a page for us all to see.
    hugs Dawn x x x

  2. I always wondered what the Nunu was! And i'd love to see pics of your cakes.

  3. that is just so lovely...perfect blog name...

  4. I started following your blog because my 3 year old's nickname is Nunu. For some reason I called her Noodle Poodle when she was a baby, and it got shortened to Nunu. It stuck.

  5. It was fun reading about the name of your blog and I don't do much Digital Scrapping anymore....not enough time. That is so great that you enjoy making cakes!