Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My List so Far

1. Finish the Kaleidoscopic Kites top, formerly known as the Larger Rainbow Disappearing 9 Patch.
Done! I added the two rows across the bottom and I love it. I think this will make some little kid very happy. I know that I am having a hard time parting with it. HA HA

2. Start and finish the Kaleidoscopic Kites RS Baby Quilt top.
Done and Done!! As soon as I was finished with the twin size quilt I jumped right on the baby quilt. I tried to make this one as random as I could. I think it turned out great. I think it is perfect for a baby quilt. 

3. Work out a plan for my Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage 12 inch blocks quilts.
Done. I had so many blocks I was not sure how many quilts I could end up making. But I had enough to make three. Here I picked out all of the star like blocks then added a few more to make 16 blocks in total. I think this turned out very cute. I am not sure where this one will be going. I might just donate this one also. I think I might add a border of some kind before I finish it. I did divide up the other blocks into two stacks of 12. I will be adding sashing and borders to both of them. I will get them figured out today. 
 Here is is all sewn together.



  1. Both quilts are beautiful. It always feels good to keep our quilts moving along until they are finished and have homes.

    1. Thank you Karen for stopping by. Yes it does feel good to keep those quilts moving. I just have way too many sitting around. Time to give them to somebody that I hope will love them.