Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kaleidoscopic Kites

Kaleidoscopic Kites, formally known as Large Disappearing 9 Patch. I started this quilt a long time ago after seeing this quilt on Fresh Lemons Quilts. I love it, I always love a good rainbow!! I thought that it looked like a disappearing 9 patch and that I could make this quilt using a bunch of 5 inch squares I had sitting around. I started making 9 patches and because of the number of shiny new quilts I saw, I put it aside and never went back. After all this time I have decided I need to start going through my UFO's and get working on them. I put the names of all of them in a "hat" and drew out four to start with. This is the first one that came out. 

After taking the blocks out and giving them a look over, I realized I could not make it as a traditional 9 patch if I wanted all the colors to go in particular places. I took some blocks apart and started cutting pieces. I spent most of one day sewing what I had together, only to realize it was not going to be big enough for a twin size quilt. You can see in this picture those little rectangles on the side, I am still working on my rail fence for Bonnie Hunter's Rail Fence Leader/Ender from last year. Over the last year I have cut billions of little 1.5" x 3.5" rectangles. I am sewing all of them together before I start grouping them to make a quilt. I am sure I will have more than one quilt out of them.

Finally I got my graph paper out and added blocks until I thought I had the size I wanted. Above you can see the new quilt diagram and my sewing set up. I love my sewing space. I spent another day cutting, planning, and sewing. In the diagram you can see the dark lines, that is the outline of the original quilt. I sewed and added the three rows to the right of the outline. After laying this new quilt top on my bed, I realized if I added the five rows across the bottom, I would have close to a queen size quilt. WOW!! I guess I am out of practice on math, HA HA. 

After rethinking this quilt for a millionth time, I have decided to turn the quilt on its side, add two more rows to the bottom and call it good. I will be taking the leftover blocks and making a very random patterned baby quilt with them. I can't wait to see it. 


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