Monday, August 27, 2018

Maniac Monday

Maniac Monday is back. I am hoping this will help me to stay motivated to get things done. I have way too many UFO's to continue buying fabric for no purpose. So with the Maniac Monday list I can set goals for myself for the week and see if I have made any progress. I want to get this goal of blogging often again into my blood stream before school starts back up for me on September 17th. I only have a few semesters left of my Associates Degree in Family History Research and them all of my time will be mine again. I am no longer babysitting on a regular basis, only hit and miss, maybe once or twice a month. So, I want to lay the ground work for some good personal habits. 

What does my list look like:
Below is the list of the four projects I drew out of the "hat." As I finish one UFO, I will move onto the next in line. Why four? I have no idea, just sounded like a good number. HA HA!!

1. Finish the Kaleidoscopic Kites top, formerly known as the Larger Rainbow Disappearing 9 Patch.
I have to add two more rows to the bottom edge and I will stop there and call that a good twin size. I will be donating to our local food bank for Christmas gifts.

2. Start and finish the Kaleidoscopic Kites RS Baby Quilt top.
This one is not on the list, but because I am trying to finish UFO's, I have decided not to leave other UFO's in my wake. I will just sew these blocks up into a top also. I have about 37 blocks left over, so I will be making a baby quilt for my church. We give new babies a hand-made quilt and I am the one that is lucky enough to be doing that now. I love making baby quilts. Such a quick little project.

3. Work out a plan for my Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage 12 inch blocks quilts.
I made all of the blocks in the book so now I need to figure out how many quilts I will make out of them. Next thought will be who will get them. I am sure I will keep one for myself. 

4. Work out a plan for my Kaleidoscope Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler quilt.
I am not sure how old this sampler is. I did this these blocks from a local quilt shop. I have some of mine made and the rest are just in kits. My daughter was doing it with me and got frustrated. So she gave me all of her blocks. I need to decide if I am making a huge quilt with 24 blocks, two smaller quilts, or moving her fabric into my stash. I love the blocks though, they are so beautiful!!

5. Round and Round Quilt Along.
I have gotten to this point. I need to add a few rows of alternating four patches and white strips to the top and bottom. I was so close to having this one done, why did I stop?! I don't know. I am sure I will be saying that a lot. 

I am not sure how far I will go this week, but this is my plan for now. 


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