Monday, January 9, 2012

Maniac Monday #1 2012

This is the first Maniac Monday for this year. Last Monday we needed some time to recover from our New Years Eve party. Then the stomach flu hit, every one in my family got it. I even got sick in my van. Let me tell you that was not fun to clean up. But all is back to normal now and things are being taken care of.

I received my block from my December partner for Block Swap Adventure. I love it.

I received the buttons from Quilting Gallery from way back in September for the Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along. I made 10 blocks. I want to make the rest. One day right? I have decided I am going to keep the stamps from all the mail I get. These are from South Africa, wow how cool!!

What I Accomplished...

In the sewing group I started almost 1 1/2 years ago , Parma Quilters Anonymous, we started a new year's project. Last year we did a Mercy Border Quilt. Mine is huge! Here is how mine was when finished in November:
So this year we are doing something smaller. We are doing a block exchange. I decided to do the Arrowhead Puzzle Block. I changed it so that in the end there will be two different colored squares. I can't wait to see it. I will make extra blocks each month so that I have more than 12 blocks.

I joined a group on flickr doing a Geese in a Ring Swap. We will make 8 blocks, mail them to the swap organizer, then she will sort and mail them back to the right person. Here are the first two blocks. I love them!!

Here is the block I made for my January partner for Block Swap Adventure. She asked for brights on black background. The colors are more intense in person.  

New list of Goals:
1. Make 6 more Geese in a Ring blocks.
2. Make 2 hexie flowers for my partner.
3. Pick out fabric for Count Your Blessings Quilt Along.*
4. Make 3 #1 blocks for the above quilt.*

If there is more time:
5. Start cutting fabric for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Double Delight.*

*Doing as part of Parma Quilters Anonymous. 



  1. Lots of lovely blocks coming and going. I save my stamps from swap mail too - maybe my grandsons will be interested in them some day.

  2. I gotta say "I Love the block swap" ....just beautiful!! and since I m your January partner....SQUEAL!!!!!!!! I really love it!! Hugs

  3. You certainly have alot of quilty goodness goin on over there. Those buttons are adorable as well as your quilts. Great blocks...

  4. I love your blocks - especially the geese!

  5. Oh! LOVE your border quilt - so bright and cheery. :) And who doesn't drool over great circle geese?