Monday, November 7, 2011

Maniac Monday #7 on Monday :)

I did get a few things done this last week. This colder weather is harder on me and sometimes I just can't get this chair off my dumb long enough to do any sewing. I am feeling better. The time change was not a good thing for Chomper, he was up at 5:30 am. Ok that is WAY to early!!

Here is my list from last week...

1. Finish a gift for a friend.
Done~I can't show you a picture until after Christmas but here are the packages I mailed off this morning.

2. Canton Village BOM block 1 and 2.
Well kinda...I made the first block, but I don't like it. I decided to you a layer cake of Fandango that I have been holding onto. I used a lighter pattern fabric from the collection for the background but I did not have enough. Then when I started on the second block I realized doing it this way was not going to work. I went and bought some Kona Khaki to use a background in all of the blocks. I will have to unpick block one and resew it. Here are a few pictures of my adventures with this today.

3. Birdie Stitches for October.
Done~I loved this block. I love this time of the year so I was so glad to see pumpkins!

4. Designer Mystery BOM for October.
I did not get to it. Did not even get it out of the package.

5. Binding on Jayden's wall hanging.
Looked at it long enough to move it, LOL!!

Next weeks list...
1. Fix the 1st Canton Village BOM block and make block 2.
2. Make Designer Mystery BOM block for October.
3. Make my block for my November partner for Block Swap Adventure.
4. Make my two flowers for The Inchy Hexagon Swap partner for November.
 5. Make my November block for Let's Bee Together.
6. Finish my November block for Birdie Stitches.

I know that I listed 6 things but I am almost done with #6. #1 is just some ripping, cutting, and resewing. I hope your week's goals are achievable.



  1. hehe - the spiders in Birdie make me smile. :)

  2. Hey are those my gifties now winging their way to me? SMILE! Can't wait to squeeze them! You have been making all kinds of blocks..I am sure it feels good to have them properly documented. I have some Fandango too, can't wait to see how your quilt with that comes together! Andee in aZ

  3. All your blocks are wonderful! You are very productive.

  4. You are one busy all of your blocks!!!