Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maniac Monday #8

Hello everyone. I hope that I have not upset anyone with my post yesterday. As of this moment I only have 6 comments for the Traveling Stash Give Away. I will post pictures of some of the things in the box tomorrow to see if I can entice more fellow bloggers.

Here was my list for last week.

1. Fix the 1st Canton Village BOM block and make block 2.
Done~I did fix it. I took out the pieces I wanted to keep and added the tan background. It really tones down the block. I did not get to block 2.

2. Make Designer Mystery BOM block for October.
I did not get to this. I need to I have November's block now as well. 
3. Make my block for my November partner for Block Swap Adventure.
Done~This is not a good picture at all. I tried fixing it but it just would not work. It looks like it is on white but it is really a white on cream. Sorry Pam, it will look a lot better in person. I will get this in the mail on Friday.

4. Make my two flowers for The Inchy Hexagon Swap partner for November.
I did not get to this. I did not even pick out any fabric.
5. Make my November block for Let's Bee Together.
Done~I love this block. It has so much movement. Staci sent HST sew/cut paper to use. It was so fun and fast. I found a couple of websites that you can print off papers at home. I am sure there is more but check these out.

6. Finish my November block for Birdie Stitches.
Done~ I love it. So cute!! I am wondering if I should add the name of the month to the block. It seems a little overkill. I am not sure yet.

This next week is loaded with all kinds of things. How many turkey dinners are you having? With all the different family groups we will be having 4. Wow that is A LOT of turkey and pie. I can't wait. So for this next week I thought about making a smaller list but I need to get a lot done before Thanksgiving.

Next  weeks list:
1. Do my flowers for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.
2. Make/buy gifties X 3 for my Santa Sack Swap2 partner.
3. Make/buy gifties X 12 plus white elephant gift for Parma Quilters Anonymous gift exchange.
4. Rip/cut sheets into fat quarters.
5. Finish wall hanging for Jayden.
6. Make matching receiving blankets and burp cloths.

It sure is a lot but I know there is more. I am going to stop listing there.



  1. I don't think you offended anyone - the word just hasn't gotten around yet on the Stash - Linda will probably have it on her list tomorrow. Hey, I rather see serious people have the stash to keep it in good order and continue on it's way.

  2. Love love love the block your made for me! I'm getting excited about this quilt! Each person in the bee got a different print, and I'm eager to see what each one looks like. Thank you, thank you for making a block for me!

  3. I agree with Sharon - I don't think you offended anyone. I did include a link to the giveaway in my blog today so hopefully you will get more entries.
    Wonderful blocks!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one two months behind on the Mystery BOM - lol!

  4. i blogged it now - but wont write it on the right page since i have won it before

    plus there are 23 as of wednesday at 1030

  5. I just love the headband on the birdie :D