Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blocks, Quilts, and Sheets OH MY!!

What is happening...
I have been very busy getting my H2H quilts done. I have quilted one and will be working on the other today. I have also been very busy with this new puppy. Oh my how it is just like a little baby. He needs me, or think he needs me, all of the time. Things have gotten quieter since the death of my daughters bird and sadder. She is doing better but that scar will always be there.

Also my son's fiancee moved in with us over this last weekend. Crazy! She is a good and nice young woman. They will be getting married on August 13th. She will be attending BSU (Boise State University) full time starting the 22nd. She wants to become a nurse. My son will continue to work full time with my husband. Oh to be young and just starting life.

This is them after her Graduation from High School in May. Yes they both have red hair. My whole family has red hair, LOL!!!

What I accomplished...
I finished my swap block for Let's Bee Together. I was not all that happy with my block. I wish that I would have been sent three dark colors. That light color just did not play well with the others. I thought about putting it in the dark green spots but I was afraid that it would be too much light around the outside. I am just not happy with it. I love the pattern just not that third color. The background is the same for all of her blocks and that is the tan with little red hearts. I hope she will be ok with it.

Next is my July Designer Mystery BOM block. When I first got the package I was not to impressed, what kind of a flower was this. But as I started working with the fabrics it turned out to be a fun block. LOTS of little pieces. I think there is about 85 pieces. I love it. I still do not know what kind of flower it is but it is so pretty I don't care. LOL!

Here is a picture of the quilting of my cat quilt for H2H. I just did a straight stitch 1/4 inch from the seams. I really need to get a walking foot. It would make that so much easier. I love the look of this kind of quilting. Now I just need to bind it and wash it. I will be quilting my monkey quilt today. I am not sure how I will do that one.

This is a picture of my daughters quilt for H2H. I LOVE IT!! She had the idea in her head but could not see how it was going to turn out. I sat down with graph paper and drew it out for her. From there she started sewing. Together we made her idea into a work of art. She is off to Girls Camp for the next few days so I will be quilting it for her on Friday so Saturday when she gets back she can bind it. Then all three quilts will be placed in the mail.

Here is another fun way to look at her quilt.

Sewing thought...
It is hard sometimes for me to come up with a good sewing thought. LOL! I have learned that my least favorite part of quilting is pinning. I hate it. It makes my back hurt and I don't know if my thumb will ever have feeling in it again from all of the pin sticks I got yesterday. Now I have to to this two more times. LOL! What is your least favorite part? Do you have more that one? I love every step from planning, cutting, piecing, quilting, binding to when it comes fresh out of the drier. I just don't like that one part.
Sewing Goals...
I need to get the backing and quilting done on quilt #2. See ya later!!

Oh one last thought...I bought a few more sheets. I hope I have not posted these before. I have added them to my collection. I am looking forward to cutting them up into various shapes for using in quilts. Do you like the look of vintage sheets in quilts?


  1. Some great quilts for H2H. I have not tried vintage sheets yet, but just love the look. I really don't have a least favorite part in quilting. Favorite - opening the shrink wrap off of new fabric - that lovely NEW fabric smell is such a treat for a scrap quilter!

  2. The H2H quilts look great. Tell your daughter she did an awesome job. Sounds like you will be very busy getting ready for a wedding. Congratulations!

  3. What a terrific quilt your daughter made - and her own design, even. :D

  4. I agree with you...pinning yucky

  5. Heya! I wondered if you would like to link up your Mystery Designer block at today's BOMs AWAY? Just in case, here's the url: