Monday, July 18, 2011

A Death and a Few Flimsies for H2H

What is happening...

It has been a sad day in our house. Do you remember the bird I mentioned on this post? Well he died today. He has been doing so good. He started to fly a few days ago. Not a lot but enough to know his time was coming soon to let him go. We had put him in a small bird cage and he was so happy. We had been taking him outside to take dust baths. He had been climbing up trees and trying to eat bugs. We had bought him some seeds and was trying to get him to switch from so much oatmeal to bird food. It was not working so well. But he was trying. This morning he was a little jumpy so I took him out of the cage and he sang to me and I sang back. He feel asleep in my hand three times. It was so sweet. We had a nice moment. This after noon DD#1 was sewing with me in the kitchen and DD#2 was in my room on the computer. I told DD#2 to come out and feed her bird. I walked over and immediately I knew something was wrong. He was under his ladder and was moving funny. I moved the ladder and tried to pick him up, it looked like he was having a seizure. I got to looking and he had broken his neck while trying to get unstuck. I held him and we all cried. It took about 20 minutes and he finally died. Oh it was so sad. We cried and cried. We placed him into and checkbook box and buried him in the backyard. DD#2 got up about every hour for the last 22 nights to feed him. I miss him, his name has Trouble Maker. The hardest thing is to watch her heart break. She is 15 almost 16 and considered him her baby. I am sorry for unloading this her on my blog. We are animal lovers. We have three dog and three cats. We love nature. This is very hard on us! OK now on to happier things...  
What I accomplished...
I have been very busy the last few days of last week putting my H2H quilt tops together. I know I am a slacker, LOL!! Truly I work better under pressure. I love both quilts. The first one is a pattern I made on graph paper trying to make the most of the fabric that had been sent to me by Karen at K's Quilting Korner. It was so fun.

The second I used a pattern from Shiners View called Tutorial for Jenna. I saw the pattern on Confessions of a Fabric Addict done by Sarah as one of her H2H quilts. I fell in love with the pattern.

I finished my Block Swap Adventure block. It was an interesting combination of colors.

Sewing thought...
It is more like a shipping thought not a sewing thought. I finally got Annmarie's winnings off. I have been putting things into the flat rate boxes when I mail a medium amount of stuff off. With this give away I would have had to use the medium box  because I would not have been able to fit the book into a small box.The small box was $4.95 and the medium box would have cost me $10.95. I received something in the mail a few days ago in a flat rate envelope. It was a card and some fabric and a pattern. I asked the Post Master about the envelopes and he said you can stuff that envelope as full as you can get it and it will still ship. It just can't be to misshapen. WONDERFUL!! I could fit all of my goodies for Annmarie into the envelope and it only cost me the $4.95. I was so happy! I hope I have not just confused you. There are a lot of ways to ship stuff. So just find the one that works best for you. 
Sewing Goals...
Tomorrow I will be working on the backs and sandwiching the H2H quilts and hopefully getting my block done for my Let's Bee Together block. Chat at you later!!


  1. So sorry for your loss - totally understand being an animal/nature lover.

    Great H2H quilts - I love that 'Jenna' pattern and your monkey fabric is showcased beautifully in it.

    I always ask my post mistress (have it down pretty good now tho) and she is very good at helping to get the right mailer at the lower cost. (I think she like to see what I'm sending out too - a quilter, also)

  2. How terribly sad. :( It's so hard to lose a creature that you've poured so much of your heart into.

    Those are nice quilt tops, and I love the colors of your swap block!

  3. Sorry about the bird.
    The H2H quilts are awesome. I love what you did with the fabrics. I really have to make a "Jenna" quilt.

  4. Sorry about the little bird. I recently found the same pattern on Shiners View and really love it also. You made it look really great. The H2H challenge has been a great learning event for me: new ideas, new people, new patterns. It has been fun~!

  5. So sorry the bird died. I have been through that with my own very hard when they want to see the creature thrive. Does your daughter want to become a vet...she has the heart to be one!