Monday, January 19, 2015

15 in '14 Follow Up

At the beginning of 2014 I made plans,, with no pressure, to finish some UFO's. I decided that I wanted to at least move each project to the next step. Some I did great on, but I also know how life is and with starting school I hit a road block. I still feel like I made some headway and that makes me happy. Here is a follow up post on these 15 projects.

2010 Designer  Mystery BOM
I was able to get all these blocks into a top. I love it. I added this to my every growing box of tops. Man, one day I will have to make them all into quilts. 

Birdie Stitches
This one also made it into a quilt top. I love the very thin sashing. It helps separate all the colors in the edges of the blocks. 

Black and White Garden
I was able to finish each of the blocks for this quilt. I was able to get all of the stitching done on all of the flowers. Now I just need to all of the blocks sown into a top.

Double Delight
I was able to get all of these pieces made into blocks then into a quilt. I have since added a border and started quilting it. I hit a design snag with the quilting so until I feel like I want to tackle it again it is in a drawer.

Quilts for Kids Their Kit
I was able to finish this one. I loved the way it turned out. So cute!!
Quilts for Kids My Kit
This one also turned out so cute. I did the binding differently and the bottom curled up a bit. I did not know about it until it was washed. Darn!

Round and Round Quilt Along
I was able to get a few rounds sown on this top. Once I get this last round on I think it is just two rows added to the top and bottom to make it rectangular. It reminds me of Easter.

I made no progress on the following projects. That is ok!! I accomplished a lot last year even if it did not show in my 15 in '14 plans. Each of these projects will one day be finished but until then I will not stress over them. 
2011 Designer Mystery BOM

 A Year of Paper Piecing

 Apple Core

 Count On It

 Hello Moon

 Hello Sun

 Tetris Quilt Along

Trip Around the World



  1. So many lovely projects. I like the 'no stress' comment - enjoy them as you progress no matter what the speed.

  2. have some great stuff that you are finishing up! I love the Designer Mystery BOM--gifted mine to my is a beauty as yours is! Of course I really love your double delight..that is my favorite Bonnie pattern I think and I really like yours with the yellow setting triangles. Lots of great progress!