Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday~Storage Baskets

What a busy week already. I have been sick since before Thanksgiving and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I am not jinxing myself. The doctors are still having a hard time figuring out what is going on and without getting into a ton of medical stuff lets just say I will be sick for a while and things are going to get worse on the RA side before it gets better. 

I finally found my sewing room. DD#2 came home from collage at the end of her fall semester and will be home until mid April when she goes back for her spring semester. It has been interesting with her home at the same time that the holidays started. Then with me being sick she just this week got moved back into my sewing room. We received some great sets of drawers from a small business that we moved into our room on Friday. They are huge. They are 60" long, 30" deep, and 24" tall. We have two set with 4 drawers and one set with two very deep drawers. PERFECT storage. These drawers will take the place of three large three drawer plastic bins, five small three drawer plastic bins, and a large 6 drawer dresser. All of these things taking up our sewing/bedroom. Below are pictures of two of the set of drawers.

 With the new drawers I decided that I wanted new baskets to hold my scraps in now that I do not have the plastic bins. I found a very cool tutorial on Sew4Home for 
Stylish Baby Nursery: Collapsible Storage Baskets. I used the pattern and the hints at the end to make the baskets fit the new drawers. Below is a pile of the card board pieces that I cut and the baskets before I added the card board and the binding to the top. 

I decided that I wanted the main part to be white and then the binding to match the color inside. 
I LOVE THEM!! Below you can see the five I finished today. I will be making 11 more. I want to fill up two drawers with my scraps. All the way through the rainbow plus a few extra baskets for fun fabric. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you have a fun time hanging out here for a bit. 



  1. Those are BIG drawers!! Do love your color baskets and sorting.

  2. What a great idea, with the binding to match the colors in them! Looks good :)

  3. The storage baskets you made are fabulous! Great idea to match the fabric with the binding! I love the Sew4Home website they have great projects!

  4. Drawers are always a nice alternative to bins. Some how the positive aspect of the portability of bins means you can also spread your fabric clutter (er, I mean creativity) around the whole house. I find playing with and imagining what I will make and how I will combine parts of my stash is as enjoyable and refreshing as sewing part. Before that first swipe of the rotary cutter and that first 1/4 seam, the project it is always perfect. Take some time while you feel better to just indulge yourself in being surrounded by colors and patterns as you stroke and organize your stuff.

  5. Great! Have you checked out the great scrap projects in the book Scrap Republic? Fun!

  6. Love those big drawers! And those baskets are perfect! Come do mine next... ;)

  7. Hi Shannon, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well! Those bins are really fantastic. I need to make some of those! :)

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  9. Great baskets! Love the binding colors to help sort

  10. That is just alright! I bought one of those cube storage units and have tried to sort my fabrics by color.

  11. I know this is wrong but I covet your drawers and scrap bins. haha Awesome job! I bet you pull open the drawers all the time just to take a peak at them.
    I hope your RA gets better controlled soon. Feel better

  12. What cool storage drawers! I wish we could something like that in Australia. I love your fabric scrap baskets too.