Monday, May 2, 2011

Weather and UFO's

What is happening...
Not much. Got a touch of a stomach something. I am moving slow. Tomorrow I will be heading back to the YMCA to walk. I miss it. It is hard to get up so early. Today we have had an interesting weather day. You know it is fun to see how fast the weather can change. First it was cool and nice. Then the wind started and has not stopped. About noon we had dark clouds overhead. They have not left either. No rain though! Just dark heavy clouds. Now the sun has peaked out from under the sun now that it is setting. So now we have dark heavy clouds, strong winds, and sun shine. How funny!

What I accomplished...
I have not done much. I have finished two more hexies, but I don't have pictures. I started working on my next Birdie Stitches BOM. Can I tell you how much I love doing them. I have been waiting for two weeks. I found out that I did not add my pictures to the flickr group of my last two months. I am surprised with how much I forget in a month. I will be done with the stitchery tonight or tomorrow.

Sewing thought...
I am not sure if I have posted this number before. A while back I went through all my stuff and packaged up my UFO's. I have taken pictures off all of them. I have 29! That is quilts needing backs, bom's that have blocks not finished, stitcheries in various stops, blocks that need finished. Oh my heck!! Maybe I needed to join one of those finishing group at the beginning of the year. LOL! Here are a few pictures. If you had to guess or maybe you even know for sure, how many UFO's do you have?

This one as you can see is my Mon Ami Schnibbles quilt top for our Le Petite for January. I have most of it cut out and some of it sewn together. I made myself a little bit more of a headache then I needed by use 2 1/2" strips instead of charm packs. Lots of math and fiddling and I just quit. LOL!

This as you can see is Butter Churn by This and That. It was our Le Petite for November. I have mine done I just need to sandwich it, quilt it, and bind it.

 This is a BOM fro Joann's from a few years back. I love the browns and blacks. I found about 12 blocks on clearance for $3.00 each. I also got two backing kits for $5.99 each on clearance. Great deal.

This was a little wall hanging I started in October last year for Halloween. I got most of it done. I think see is so cute waving through the plastic.

This is a Halloween table topper that a friend of mine made. I have most of it done.

Goals for the Day...
Well I will make goals for tomorrow. I want to finish my Birdie Stitches BOM. I want to make a few Snappy Bags for my Quilted Fabric Bag Swap partner to go with the bag. I bought a kit on Saturday that came with the measuring tape pieces. I will see if I can get to it. Then I would like to add some borders to my April Schnibble I just finished. Maybe if I am good I can even get a back figured out for it, LOL!! I doubt it but I can try. Good night ya'll!!


  1. I know at the beginning of the year I did inventory and grouped them - joined 3 UFO challenge groups - more than you sweetie - 42. I have finished 18 of them so far. My goal is to finish them all this year - why I am not doing any BOMs this year.

  2. hehe :D I did the same thing - went through every storage area in the house and organized all 38 UFOs that I found.

    I don't think I'll get through the entire list this year (back in grad school), but I'm definitely making a huge dent. Down to 33 right now. I decided that each time I finish 6 I can work on a new project that captured my heart. I do have BOMs this year - 3 were already committed to before I did the Big Sweep, and the others are UFOs.

    The whole reason I got into my blog was to keep myself on track with finishing these projects, and it's working! Listed them on my sidebar, and boy do I love the days when I get to take one off the UFO list and put it on the Lifetime Finished list!

  3. You are so brave to actually share your UFO's with us - lol! At least you have them all nicely organized so no parts or instructions will get lost.
    I can't wait to get started on my Birdie stitching for this month but I have a couple of obligations to finish first.
    Good luck on your goals!!