Friday, February 11, 2011

Traveling Stash

It all started on January 3, 2011. Nan over at Pots and Pans did a post on Stash Manicure about her stash. She came up with a great idea. She loaded up a large flat-rate box with stuff from her sewing room. Fabric, notions, patterns. Then she would pick a winner and send them the box. The winner would then pick out what she wanted then fill the box back up with stuff from her stash. She then would have a give away on her blog. On and on. Well it has gone from Nan at Pots and Pans to Ariane at Ariane's Crafts then on to Debbie at NorthernNorthAmerican Bears. She is having a give away on her blog to select a winner to send the box to next. Where will it go from there? Go over to her blog and add your name. Who knows maybe you will win. Here is a picture of the stuff that she is adding to the box. I hope that you understood that.

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