Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Comments now closed! Thank you to everybody that entered. I will post the winner in the next post.

I won the Traveling Stash from NorthernNorthAmerican Bears 10 days ago. Now it is your turn to win it form me! I finally got all of my ducks in a row. I received the box last Thursday. I was so excited. My daughter and I went through it yesterday and took pictures and picked stuff out. What a great box of stuff. I am so happy to have my first give away. It is a milestone for me. I also hit my 100th post. How funny how things turn out sometime. Here is the picture of all of the stuff in the box that I received.
 Close up. Upper left hand corner.
 Close up. Upper right hand corner.
 Close up. Bottom.
 This is the fun stuff I took. I am so excited about the purple/stars, stack of Hawaiian prints, and the novelties.
 This is the stuff I put in. 4 big pieces of 1/2 yard up to 2 yards. Some fun fat quarters, patterns, thread, little wooden pots, and pin cushion.
Well you know how this goes.

I copied this next piece from Debbie edited to reflect me. 

Here are the rules of this giveaway!!!

You must be willing to continue the travelling stash giveaway. Once you receive the package, you must fill it up again with fabric from your stash and any fabric that you don't want that I've included. Then, you will have a giveaway on your blog, continuing the travelling stash.
Hopefully, the travelling stash will make it around the world a few times.

To enter the giveaway you must leave a comment on this post telling me that you are willing to continue the travelling stash giveaway on your blog. Also telling me what your dream is. If money and time were not an influence what would you like to do.
That's it. I don't want you to jump through hoops. Leave me a comment. If you are new here and like what you see become a follower but you don't have to. Try to have a great day!
I will pick a winner using on Saturday night.


  1. Oh, I love this box! And look at the lovelies you packed up. Congratulations on the 100th post, too - it doesn't take long does it. If I had the time and money - I would love to travel with the 'traveling box' just to witness the first look of the recipient when they open it - how cool would that be?

  2. I would love to win and keep it going!

  3. I forgot to answer you question...OOPS! I would love to build a custom retreat center with long arms, sewing centers, scrap bookers den, a quilt shop and live there full time!

  4. Hi Shannon,
    OMG !! I see some turquoise Polka dots !!
    I would love to win! and I will like to continue the traveling stash giveaway at my blog.
    My dream would be to run a Bed and Breakfast :)

  5. I am more than willing to keep the Traveling Stash on its journey by holding a giveaway on my blog! If I could do anything I absolutely wanted it would be run a long arm quilting business.

  6. Hi Shannon, Congratualations on your 100th post. I'd be willing to continue the traveling stash giveaway at my blog, but I only have "test" blog and just 5 GFC followers. So not really sure I'd qualify. If I won, you'd have to post my blog info on your blog so folks would know to come visit. Ha-Ha. I'm seeing some items in the picture that I'd love to have. What would I like to do? I'd love to retire and travel around the world on missionary trips. I think that would be totally cool!

  7. I would so love to continue this! I have been *following* it for a few stops now. :o) If I had the means to do anything? I'm not sure... I would love a cottage by the lake with my very own studio... I would also love to travel to Australia. :o)

  8. Yay! Travelling Stash! I'd love a chance to participate. :)

  9. I would be so excited to carry on with the traveling stash. It is such neat give away! I have been following it around too!

  10. I would love to carry this on! My dream is to teach overseas at an orphanage. Hopefully someday I will actually get to do this.

  11. How fun! I would love to continue the traveling stash! =)

    My dream is to go to Africa and help in some small way those less fortunate than myself.

  12. Oh, this is fun. If I could I would sew all day and start a Project Linus at our local hospital:)

  13. Congrats on your 100th post. This is such a fun idea, I'd love to win and would keep this going for sure. My dream would be to have someone who does my laundry and cleaning for me - ha!

  14. The Travelling Stash is such a cool idea! I would love to share & then send it on its way again.
    My dream? Money & time no object, I would love to have my own piece of land with a "real" art & quilt studio with a long arm & maybe a Bernina & enough room to share with other quilters & artists.

  15. OOoo! This is fun! I will continue the traveling stash.
    My dream is to travel the world and see amazing sights and meet the diverse people and try all the wonderful food I could find.

  16. I'd be glad to continue The Traveling Stash - I think it's a great idea! My dream is to build a building at our church to house the quilt ministry we started last year - a place where women could come to quilt whenever they had the time, where we didn't have to put everything away afterwards!

  17. I hope somewhere along the line this ends up with me! I have a stack I would love to add to the mix! xoxo

  18. Hi Shannon! Congratulations on 100 posts!

    I love that travelling stash idea! So fun and I would so love to receive it and send it on to the next quilter! How fun!!!

    My dream is to take my husband and children on a 2months house swap in a different country every year!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Congrats on your 100th post! This is such fun - I'd be willing to continue the Travelling Stash - really a fun idea! My dream would be to buy a vacation home in Italy and travel there a few times a year with my hubby (and the kids on some trips too)!

  20. Congratulations on your 100th post!! I love blogging.

    My dream for the near future is to be able to support my family by doing long arm quilting. That dream is a bit far off though because I do not currently own a long arm machine lol. I will get there though.