Monday, May 15, 2017

Old Fort Boise Days Raffle Quilt

In my home town, every year, we have a small community festival, Old Fort Boise Days. And every year for the pasted few years, my quilting group has put on a quilt show. We have always offered a quilt raffle. This year, I wanted to do something fun with some leftover blocks that we had. Missouri Star Quilt Company had a tutorial for a Disappearing Hourglass. Our blocks had been hourglass blocks, so this was perfect. I chopped them all up and sewed them all back together. Here is my first block. I looks harder to put together than it really is. 

As I was putting the rows together, I realized I had the center square a quarter turn to far to the right. I had to pick out 16 center squares and put them all back in. That was a heck of a job!

This is how it turned out. I love it!! I think it is wonderful. I will even be buying tickets, HA HA!!

I can't wait to see who wins this fabulous quilt. 


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