Friday, May 12, 2017

H2H Charity Check-In #2

I have been working on getting all three of my quilts finished for the H2H Charity Challenge. I have all three tops done now. I used a tutorial Sarah made for her Stunning Stars Quilt Along, A Star is Born. I had to make this quilt smaller than her pattern. I was running out of white after I had finished the other two quilts below. I love making wonky stars. The are so liberating from trying to have perfect points all the time. 

This quilt below was so fun. Basically it is a very large disappearing 9 patch. I found it on Pinterest. It is Meadow Walk Quilt Pattern by Sarah Nunes from on I just used the fabric I used for the other quilts. I loved how it turned out. 
I took the quilt I showed a few days back and redid it. I wanted it to stay square. I used Sarah's pattern, another quilt she made for the Stunning Stars Quilt Along,  Interlocking Stars. I love how it looks now. 

I have learned a new way to baste my quilts, with Elmer's Washable Glue. It works so nice and now I do not have to use all of that awful spray baste. I followed this tutorial over at Sarah's Quilting Corner. I still use my bed to lay out my quilts as I am basting them. I don't have the room to use a table. Besides my bed is at the right height I can iron on it, and not worry about the surface. Now to buy more glue and get to basting and quilting. Not much time is left. 


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  1. Beautiful quilts, all, Shannon! Thanks so much for being part of H2H 2017!!!