Friday, June 17, 2016

Old Fort Boise Days Quilt Show

I wanted to show a few of my favorite quilts from our Old Fort Boise Days Quilt Show. 

The first three quilts were apart of our older quilt section.

Friendship Quilt, not sure of year

This quilt was made from old clothing and real wool straight off the sheep. It was made in 1929.

I hand pieced Cathedral Window quilt, not sure of the year.

A graduation quilt made by my sister-in-law for our nephew.

A Halloween Jar quilt made by my friend. 

A jean quilt for another graduation. The woman that brought this one showed 4 more very large quilts like this one. 

Not much information on this quilt, I just love the pattern and fabric. 

This one was made by my friend.

Another one made by a friend. 

Another one made by a friend for her daughter. 


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