Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shannon's Handmade Sunshine

I have to share the most incredible news with you all. I know that we are all mostly quilters and when we see a project that we like we think I can make that myself. I know I do. I will visualize how it is made and make it myself for a lot cheaper then I can buy it. Well there are a lot of people out there who just can't or won't do that. For those people the rest of us crafters can make things and then try to sell those items to them. One of the classes my DD#1 is taking in collage is Web Business Creation. She had to create a web business. Which includes coming up with a business of something she can sell online. Then going through all of the steps from web design, to product production, and selling and receiving payment for those item. The site has to be up for the semester she is in that class. If it makes money then great if not that is ok also, when the class is over you can take the site down. So you see where I am going. She started up a business for me!! Me mind you, little oh me. HA HA I am tickled. Now I know it might not go anywhere. I am ok with that. But until this class is over we are giving it one heck of a shot! 

Hello! My name is Nikki and I am a college student. For a class, I started this online business for my mother, Shannon to expand her blog and sell her creations. She got started in quilting almost 6 years ago, started her blog 3 years ago, and began a quilt group in our hometown later that year. Laura, my younger sister, is a high school senior, and she will be helping with shipping. She also painted the Sunshine at the top of the page.

We are really excited to be able to sell our quality, handmade sunshine!!

Taken with permission by own of business and website, ha ha ME!!

 We will be making and selling handmade Coasters, Mug Rugs, Placemats, Table Runners, and Placemats and Table Runners sold in sets. I can not tell you how many hours have gone into this process from conception to the site going up tonight!! Here is a look of what we have for sell now. It is not much but it is a start.

Coasters in sets of 4
 Coasters in sets of 2

Mug Rugs

Placemats in sets of  4

Table Runner

Set of 4 Placemats and Table Runner

Please just drop by to visit the site. I know most of you can make what I am offering. But you never know you might have a friend who might like to buy something you don't have the time to make. 

We also have a Facebook page so if you are on Facebook come by and like our page



  1. That is so sweet of your daughter. Good luck on both of your endeavors.

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