Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Few Things...

I have been really busy lately. It is hard to get my DD#1 ready for college. Also we are having her big 18th birthday/college send off party tomorrow. We are doing a murder mystery, it will take about 4 hours with games, a who-dun-it? game, appetizers, dinner, and cake and ice cream. Plus a guest list over 20 adults (and all the little kids) and we are all dressing up like pirates, go check it out here. It will be a ball but it is a lot of work! Good thing 18th birthdays only come once. We did a similar thing for her big brother two years ago. 

I got two more quilts cut out for the Hope House. I will be starting on these soon. They are going to be made with a block out of Quiltmakers 100 Block magazines. 

The yellow one will look like this:

The red/black one will look like this:

Here is my August Schnibble. It actually got mostly sewn together. I just had to many irons in the fire and this one got put out. Darn. I will finish this one soon! 

At the beginning of the month I won a book on a Blog Hop. It is Simply Charming Minis. It is such a fun book. All of the quilts are little. They are between the sizes of 13" to 21". She is going to a Mini Quilt Along. I love it!! I told myself that I would only join if I won a book so I guess I will be joining. I can't wait!

 My main focus right now has been this little guy. I starting watching him in January when his mom went back to work. I watched his two big sisters before him. They are both in all day school and ride the bus home. The red spots on him are mosquito bite. Darn little bugs. He is so big and so happy. Now we have moved on to food and only one bottle a day. He still nurses a little in the evening. 

One of the things that pushed the Schnibble's quilt out of the fire was this beauty. I was asked my a church member if I would put together this quilt for a woman who just lost her mom. They were working on these chicken scratchings together when she passed. I hope she loves it. 

I received my August block for Block Swap Adventures. I LOVE IT!! the blue looks just like the sky.  

Even my post is all over the place. I take DD#1 to college on Wednesday and I return home without her on Thursday. I will be sad. I am now. I know it is all for the good but she is one of my best friends. My other daughter being my other best friend of course. But DD#1 sews and quilts with me. Oh well, it is only three months. She will be home in December then will go back for her second semester in April to June. Crazy I know. Well have a good weekend and Labor Day. I will see you on Monday!!


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  1. Again - so many lovelies. Oh, chicken scratch, so remember doing that as a 4-H project so many years ago. Enjoy your older and younger ones this holiday weekend.