Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tetris Quilt Along Week #5

Well another wonderful block. I am so happy with the way this has turned out! One more week and then it will become a quilt top. Today I made my block #5 and then I sewed blocks 4 and 5 together. I decided not to use the whites that came in our Tetris Charm Swap. Most of them had color on them and I wanted white on white. I cut some blocks from my stash and added them into my kit for this project. 

 Andee over at The Modern Diary posted a picture that I new I needed to have. Back in December we where Santa Sack Swap2 partners. I made her a sewing machine cover. She says then when she takes it off her machine her doggie Bug likes to sleep on it. For me that is an honor. I have pets and I am a total animal lover. So for Bug to feel that the cover is worthy of a nap that makes me feel so good. Sleep on little doggie sleep on!!!

I thought I would add a photo of the sunsets we have been having. Around were we live we have been having big forest fires and our air is filled with smoke. So when the sun is setting there is an amazing red, orange, yellow glow. So sad and pretty at the same time. 



  1. Oh, hope you all are safe - I worry about all my blogging family.

  2. I used to love TETRIS and the Quilt Along looks like fun. Unfortunately I've been away from my machine this summer so I'm just admiring others. Pretty sunset!

  3. I love your tetris blocks - you picked out some great fabrics that go together!

  4. Your tetris block looks wonderful. Keep safe with those fires.