Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charming Girls' Pincushion Swap

Over at Dandelion Quilts Kris was organizing a Pincushion Swap. I joined in the fun. I love pincushions and only have a few. I seem to only have the ones I need plus a few cute ones. You can never have enough.
This is the stuff I sent her.

I bought some Sculpey III clay and my daughter and I played around with it.
This is what I came up with. I love them!!

I used Hoopla.

I used a tutorial from Abyquilt. I also send a postcard, some M&M's, and mints.
I pincushion is hand sown and filled with kitty litter. I loved the weight of it.

My partner was Wendy over at Why Knot? This is the stuff she sent to me.
I LOVE ALL OF IT!! (was that too loud?)
Two wonderful coasters!

 Here is the pincushion. Isn't that the best! HOPE! What all of should have.

Here is the back. I love it. I am not sure if you can see the quilting done. It is so great. 

 She sent some wonderful fabric. Of course the color is not right in the picture.

 Here is her postcard. She lives in Montana, only a state away from me.

 Here it is all together. Thank you Wendy.

 Oh, last picture. Here is my sweet treat on a coaster!


  1. Um...what's your sweet treat? What a great package of goodies! What state are you from?

  2. Shannon - the pins you and your daughter created are adorable!! Love the pincushion too.

  3. Love the pins - did not realize you made those yourself - even more special.

  4. Shannon ... I'm so thrilled you liked the package ... after that marvelous set of pins, I only wish mine could have been more, they are so special! I thank you and thank you ... and your daughter too :)!!!

  5. Those pins are adorable and I love the HOPE pincushion. I wish I had more time to try making some pincushions. Someday. Sigh.