Friday, January 6, 2017

A Few New Things

My youngest daughter feel in love while in college. She had meet this young man a few semesters back, but they had a space of time that they were not together. When they go back together, they know it was time.
 They were married on December 31 at the Boise Temple. We are so happy for them!!
 Especially me!! (Me and the bride)
The cute couple at their reception. They are way too sweet together! HA HA
 Other than wedding stuff, that I have been busy with for three weeks, I have been sewing. I have been between semesters at school so I have used every quiet moment sewing. IT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL!! I started cutting and sewing my pieces for the En Provence Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter. I am loving the process but boy are there a lot of pieces!
 Step 1 done
 Step 2 done
I have most of step 3 done, but I need to add more.
 Step 4 done

I also have been busy making pieces for my daughter and son-in-laws wedding quilt. This first picture is all of the 322 arches. WOW! And because I am a number nerd, there are 1932 pieces.
 In this pic, half of the arches have the additional end pieces on. So now there are 2,254 pieces.
 Here, I have added the melons to the shorter arches. so now we are at 2,415
 So finally, I have all of the arches sewn into all of the melons. 
 My first circle!
 Four in a row. This is were I stopped. I will get back to it soon!!

School work started this week so we will see how much time I have to sew, HEE HEE!!


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