Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Maniac Monday~Late HA HA

I was busy all last week sewing away. But come this weekend I did not set foot into my sewing room. Hubby was home Saturday which is unusual this time of year. So we did a bunch of yard work in the morning and just spent down time the rest of the day and all day Sunday. It was great. 

I did get those Pincushions filled and sewn together. They turned out great. You can see how big they are. My DD#1 has already picked out one of the triangle ones. 
 This is the crushed walnut shells I used to fill them with. It was about $6.00 for 5 quarts. I still have over half the bag left. 

I am getting closer to being caught up with the other people doing the It's a Mini Quilt Along. The gal who was running the quilt along was having some troubles and stopped posting what the next pattern was so some of the ladies on the Flickr group have kind of taken over and and started suggesting what the next pattern could be. I am just going to keep up with them. I would like to finish this quilt along. I had said that if I won a copy of the book that I would do it. I won so I am going to follow through with what I started. 

#4~Mini Flower Garden
#5~Criss Cross Applesauce

In PQA we have started up a new project. Donation or charity quilts made by us for people in need. Here is my part for quilt #2. It is going to a fundraiser for a man and his family. He will be having a lung transplant and the costs will exceed 1 million dollars. We go to church with his mother and we are friends with her. Many of us know this young man. It is so sad. He is such a nice guy. This is just a very tiny thing we can do to help him out. Go watch the video of his story here

Ha ha I thought I would add a picture of Chompie. He is so cute!! You see how his left eye is kind of closed, well he had a Cheatgrass sticker stuck in between the inside of his eye and the upper lid. It is a horrible sticker that with movement burrows its way deeper into what ever it is stuck in including socks and animal fur. It was in there for two days working its way deeper into his head before I found it and pulled it out. Boy was it stuck. YUCKY!! He is better now and his eye is back to normal. 



  1. The criss-cross applesauce is so cute. Love the doggie. One of our dogs is a chiweenie.

  2. Oh poor puppy! I can't believe you were able to pull it out yourself! He must be a very good dog!