Thursday, February 14, 2013

Block Swap Adventures

Over two years ago when I really started blogging and quilting heavy I came across Block Swap Adventures. I have made many wonderful blocks. Visited with some great people and one grouch. I have collected 27 blocks in the wonky star pattern. I love each one of them. Some I received from some very cool far away places. Sticking to my plan of finishing some stuff I broke out all of the blocks and made them into two small quilts. They are so fun!!

I am not sure yet what I am going to be doing with them. I was thinking about donating them but I might just keep these for the house. I am going to be shopping tomorrow for fun fabric to add one more border. I want to find some very bright colorful fabric. Then use black for the binding. So then I can add these to the very tall pile of finished tops. 



  1. Oh, these are special and you should keep them.

  2. Cool! I haven't put any of my Swap Adventure blocks together. I had to step out for half of last year during the move and all, so I don't have as many as you, but still - should have quite a handfull. I had to chuckle at the "one grouch" part. . . hehe

  3. They look great! Im going to work on mine this spring. You should keep them! Memories!

  4. I like the blocks. I love the black around the stars.

  5. They make Amazing quilts!! I love it. I've been looking at my collection lately too but I'm going to need to inspiration on how to best put them together. Great job on yours though.

  6. Shannon,you were my first BSA partner!
    I started out my adventure on a very positive note!
    I still have the pretty Boise postcard hanging in my sewing room!
    I see my star and luv what you have done!
    Very nice quilts!
    I cannot wait to have enough blocks to make my maple leaf quilt!
    Thanks for posting this!