Friday, May 11, 2012

Blocks Coming and Going

Here is an update of a few blocks coming and going. First of all thank you to anyone that participates in swaps or bees. I hope that you do your best work and that you try hard to give the person what they are asking for. OK sorry I just so enjoy the groups I am part of!

I made this block today for Ann in Let's Bee Together for May. These fabrics are so fun!

This block is for Melinda in the same group for April. I used almost the exact fabrics last year when I made a block for her.

These following two blocks were sent to me by one of my partners in Block Swap Adventure for May. Thank you for two blocks!

This block was sent to me from Debra for the month of  April. She was my first partner for Block Swap Adventure. I love it. 
Look at the other goodies she sent me!

This block is from Sharon for April. She was my second partner for Block Swap Adventure.


  1. Thanks for making my block. I am excited about getting enough blocks from both years to make a larger quilt.

    I love the last block you posted! What a great star.