Monday, September 19, 2011

Quilt Along, Mug Rugs, and Maniac Monday

What is Happening...
I have been thinking, scary I know. Over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Sarah does a fun thing every Monday. She has, Make-A-List Monday. She lists off 4 to 6 things every Monday and then the next Monday she comes back with an update on how she did on her list. She will explain if she did a good job or if she failed. I love that, simple honesty for herself. Then she will add a new list. I have asked her if I can borrow her idea and she said yes. I need to try a few different things out to help me find my groove. LOL! So starting today I will have MANIAC MONDAY! Catchy right? I will make my list at the bottom today but starting next Monday it will be at the top.

There are a few more things I am going to try and follow along with. Over at Quilting Gallery they are doing Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along and Super Deals for Quilters. 12 Weeks, 36 designers, 3 blocks a week. I figure this will help out greatly with my Christmas list this year.

Then over at Two More Seconds she is having Mug Rug Madness Holiday Edition. 10 days of Mug Rug tips, tutorials and, prizes. They are about half way through but that is ok. It is never too late to start up.

Oh and for a bit I have been a part of BOMs Away at What a Hoot! It is a cool linky party to show off your BOM work. Go check it out!

What I Accomplished...    I did not work on much of anything all weekend. Just had a nice relaxing few day. I did get my DD#1 dress fixed. Just a few alterations. She had Homecoming dance Saturday night. She had a great time. A group of friends, three couples, went bowling, had a fancy dinner at her dates house, went to the dance, then board games back at his house. I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

Sewing Thought...
This is the last sewing thought. My post are just too long. I like getting ideas from everybody and maybe I will just leave you with a "parting question" from now on at the end of my post, we will see. So my thought is...Do you like quick and easy to read posts or do you mind a long post? For me I spend too much time on the computer reading everybody blog that I feel like I am not sewing enough. That is part of the reason for these changes. What do you think?
Sewing Goals...
No need for a "sewing goals" section anymore if I am doing a Maniac Monday.

What do you think, I like it. I made it in a picture program that I have and love. Well here is my list:
1. Make September's Designer Mystery BOM
2. Cut out September's Le Petite
3. Make first three block for Celebrate Christmas Quilt Along.
4. Make at least one Mug Rug for Mug Rug Madness Holiday Edition. 


  1. Heeeeelllo...I just found you! I was know where? (yep blogland!)and, I found you. Your blog is really cute.

    To answer...what do I think? (usually this is dangerous for people to ask me...I can be quite the blabber mouth!!!). I am not too much for lenthy posts. Sometimes if there is too much info...too many subjects talked about, well, meee ol' pea-brain can't remember what to comment about. =P

    K - thaz juzzz me. =)


  2. Shannon - do what makes you happy. I like your little design and if it will work for you, good. I haven't been near the Celebrate Christmas, trying to catch up on other things. But I should go peek!

  3. Sarah's lists always intimidate me. I understand that she has more time and drive to support her quilting, but they make me feel inadequate. I rarely get done in a month what she does in a week! I do make weekly lists though, maybe I should start posting them too.