Monday, August 29, 2011

Flowers and Little Birds

What is happening...
How was your weekend? Mine was great. I spent all day with my husband at his work on Saturday. He works for a farm as a mechanic and general do-it-all man. We spent most of the afternoon in a Stacker, stacking huge bales of straw. Then we spent most of the evening until 9:30 in a Baler baling hay. It was great. It was a very rough ride but I love spending time with him like that. One on one, with all of his attention. Then Sunday we just relaxed and hung out at home. GREAT!!
What I accomplished...
I got my flowers done for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. These first ones are for my July partner. I love the pattern both sets of petals make.

This second set is for my August partner. I love the colors of the Civil War fabrics. Such muted colors. I hope she likes them and that these are the colors she wanted.

I also finished my Birdie Stitches for June, wow I am so far behind. I love these little stitcheries. They are so cute.

 Sewing thought...
How much thread do you have? Do you only have a few colors or do you have a huge selection of colors. I have a about 15 colors. Mostly I use white and black. I am trying to use more. It is ok for me to use a matching color, LOL!! I am trying! How about you?
 Sewing Goals...
Today I will finish my bag for my partner in Santa Sack Swap2. I have it almost done. Then I would like to get my packages done for my month in Let's Bee Together. I just need to do a few things to get them ready to mail off on Friday. Then we will see what trouble I can get into. LOL!!



  1. Your Saturday sounds wonderful! Any day I can spend with my hubby is the best.
    Your flowers are great! I especially like the multi colored dots with the dark center!
    I don't have all of the colors of thread I would like as I always seem to 'need' a new color for applique.
    Your Birdie Stitches is precious. I'm now two months behind and soon will be three months behind - lol!
    Have a wonderful week, Shannon!!

  2. Goodness!! You are not too far behind at all on your Birdies - I haven't even started mine! ::sigh::

    For sewing, I have oodles and oodles of colors, mostly in Guterman, but a good selection of neutrals in Aurifils now, too. A good smattering of Coats&Clark still hanging around, too. For quilting, I don't have so many yet. It expands with each quilt. :) For applique, I have about 10 silks now. And I LOVE them for that!! I have no perle cottons yet, but I will pick up about 10 or so for my Birdies, I think.