Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I have been working on. . .

First off I recovered my ironing boards. Love the new look, nice and sunny. I have a full size board and a table top one for paper-piecing.

 This is what it started out as stained and ucky!
See this hole, it happened when I iron some crayon between sheets of waxed paper. It squished out and I had to cut it out so that when I ironed again I did not get crayon on everything else. It has been like that for about 5 years, HA HA!
 Nice new beautiful cover. So bright and sunny. The kids even like it.
 Now here is my table top board. I only put a piece of batting under the fabric and you can guess it right, it melted. There are a few holes.  Now both boards have the stuff you use for pot holders. (sorry I can't remember the name)
Now it is nice and pretty also. I will be linking this up for "The Great Coverup".

This next one is for the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along. I need to just finish it now.
 I made this pillow for my Aunts Doggie.

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