Monday, November 27, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery

Boy have I been busy. I have been working on completing my Associates Degree through BYU-I in Family History Research. I am so close to being done. I have three more weeks of this semester, then I will only have 16 more credits that I will break up into two semesters. I am excited to be done. This has been great, taking college classes, but this boat has sailed. It is time to be done. HA HA!! 

I have been doing a little sewing when I get the chance. I had finished Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt earlier this year, En Provence. What a great learning experience. That is my sweet little doggie, Chomper!

Then as time got closer I decided I wanted to do her new mystery, On Ringo Lake. 
 You can follow the link back to her blog and to the instructions for the mystery. Be quick though, after the mystery is over, the instructions will be removed and you will have to buy the pattern if you want to make the quilt. 

I wish I had a bigger stash, but alas I had to go shopping!! HA HA! I went and picked out colors that matched to her suggestion and waited for a month for the first clue. 

Her first clue hit the net the morning after Thanksgiving. She will be adding one clue most Friday's until it is over. I jumped right to sewing as soon as I was up that morning, before I did my homework! Now my step one is done and I am just waiting for step two in a few days. 

Now hope back over to her blog from here and see all of the yummy 9-patch goodness from all the crazy wonderful people out there sewing along with Bonnie Hunter!!



  1. Chomper is a great name for a dog!

    En Provence looks lovely, and you have beautiful fabrics for this mystery.

  2. Beautiful colours for this project!
    I made Allietare earlier this year as a personal challenge (instead of the Mystery). Hoping to keep up with Ringo Lake.
    Cheers from a very Soggy Melbourne AUS.

  3. Your nine patches look great and I love the fabric you've chosen for the MQ!

  4. You picked perfect, lovely colors.