Thursday, April 27, 2017

Daughters Double Wedding Ring Finish

I had a lot of fun finishing my daughter and her husband's quilt. She did not want a scalloped edge so I had to figure out how to create a straight edge. I cut some strips of fabric and then appliqued the edge of the quilt to it with my machine. 

Here is how it turned out. 

Now, a corner before trimming. 

After trimming. 

I knew I was not ready for quilting without lines. I took the time to draw them. The little double fish at the top, is the couples symbol. I made them in every melon and the flower in each of the weird diamonds. 

I started quilting at our group's Sew-In. I got about 1/4 of it done. 

Working on it at home. It tool me a while to do the quilting. I did not keep track, but I would say it was about 18 hours. I did all the quilting on my Singer Patchwork. It does not have a very big throat, but it worked just fine. 

 Finally finished!! My husband is standing on the top step, on a chair. He is very tall, but it is much taller. It turned out about 95" x 105" or so. I forgot to measure it. 

Here is is draped across the steps. I love this shot, except for the AC unit in the window. HA HA

 Folded and ready to go. 

They loved it!! I asked her if she makes their bed. She told me no! HA HA I told her that was a shame, if she made there bed, I was going to make pillow cases. Oh boy, they both promised to make the bed. I guess I need to make pillow cases now. I do have a few extra blocks, so I will make some decorative pillows as well. 


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  1. Shannon your quilt is very pretty. I just ordered the go die wedding ring die so I can make one too,. Your quilting looks beautiful. No matter what I do somehow I manage I get a pucker or 2min my quilting