Sunday, December 18, 2016

Where have I been?

Things have been very crazy in my world. I think we need to have a little time of crazy to be able to understand the calm. I have still been doing classes. I love what I am doing, but it sure takes all of my time. I am over half way there. Yippee!! 

I have decided that with the beginning of the new year I am going to find time to quilt. I have missed it so much. I miss being here and I miss all of you. I need this time to refill my batteries. I fill like I have been running on fumes for too long now. So many changes. 

My son and daughter-in-law are going to have their third child soon. I am so excited. I am already watching the other two a few days a week for about 5 hours, no I will have a baby too. I am praying that she does not go back to work. I love watching them but I am done watching kids. I have been doing it for over 26 years. I have raised my three kids and have helped to raise 10 other kids. 

 Other changes! My youngest is getting married. They will be married in the Boise, Idaho LDS Temple. Aren't they cute!! I am so shocked and happy at the same time. SO with that I am working on a reception and a wedding. The this also bring a wedding quilt. And wouldn't you know it, she wants a Double Wedding Ring. One of the most time consuming quilts. HA HA, It is ok I have having fun.
Their colors are Mint, Pale Pink, and Gold. Here are the fabrics. I just finished all of the arches and am 3/4 of the way of the connecting corners. I will be done with that tomorrow and will start adding them to the melons. 

My middle child, my oldest daughter, has a boy friend. They have been dating for a few months. I would not be surprised if their will be another wedding soon. 

I small town near ours have their Christmas lights up. This is just a small sample of the lights. I love it there. It is just so sad that it is so COLD!!

I follow Bonnie Hunter and love all of her quilts. I have made one of her quilts. SO many small pieces, but so much fun. When I started following her on Facebook, I realized she was getting ready to start her mystery quilt, En Provence. So, because I don't have enough to do, I started in with this too. I have steps one and two done. I will be taking some time tomorrow to work on steps three and four. Here are my fabrics!! I love them. 

I will be back very soon, I promise!!!!



  1. Yes, you have been busy and do deserve a break. Raising children for so long - you are due your time! No is sometimes a hard word to use, but I think you need to - you need to breath.

  2. Congrats! on the coming nuptials. I'm working on En Provence, too. It's SEW interesting to see the variations.