Monday, August 25, 2014

Manic Monday~9 Getting a Lot Off My List

 I have had a busy few days. My dad is a volunteer firefighter. His group had a BBQ/Auction this weekend. He asked that I make a quilt to put in the auction. So being me I made two. They are very simple quilts. I bought two fabrics that had sections in them. I cut the sections apart, added sashing, and then put them back together. I added just fleece to the back with no batting. 

This one went for $65.00.

This one went for $65.00. Not bad. I paid about $45.00 for the fabric for both of them and the fire department made $140.00. I love that!!

I made more quilts for my church. We had a Humanitarian Night. All the ladies got together and put together backpacks filled with school supplies for our local schools. We tied quilts for a local Food Bank. We also made stuffed bears for a hospital nearby to give to hurt and sick kids. This bellow is one of the quilts laid out on my bed before I finished the top. Now I need to get the binding on all of them, wash them, and drop them off.

I had taken a picture of my two blocks all finished and stacked before I made the top for Double Delight. I wanted to added a picture here for the fun of it. That right there was a lot of work. I have it sandwiched and have started the quilting. I needed to stop for the above quilts. I am hoping to get back to it soon.

In my PQA group we did another fabric swap. These are becoming really popular. We have more planned. I received the fabric and finished cutting the strips for our fall set. I still have to cut the patriotic set. But I thought you would like to see some of the rows laid out. 

Here they are all rolled up and tied with a  ribbon. HA HA they look so beautiful!!

One of my favorite flowers is in bloom in my yard. It is a Trumpet Plant or what we like to call a moon flower. We love them and they are huge. Almost the size of a dinner plate. 

I hope your day goes well and you get  a lot accomplished!!



  1. Congratulations on the raffle quilts doing so well. So much fun going on with some terrific fabrics.

  2. Congratulations on getting a few things crossed off that list. Doesn't it feel great? I do the same thing at my house (list and check).
    I love those yummy looking jelly rolls!