Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014-H2H Third Quilt

So here is the third quilt.

A boy's quilt going to Hurricane Sandy Survivors. Same pattern but with dinosaur bones in it.
 A black back.

Thank you Sarah for doing this again. I love being able to use what I know to make someones life better. I think about how much I have loved and prayed over each quilt. I hope that when these people receive these quilts that they will be able to find a little peace. Even if it is only a moment in what ever they are going through. Sometimes when things are tough the best thing in the world is a moment to cuddle and stop and BREATHE!



  1. Very pretty quilt. It will bring much comfort.

  2. Dinosaur bones, so much fun! Great job with all 3 quilts.

  3. Such a cute quilt. I am still waiting to get mine bound.

  4. That's very true, Shannon! I love this quilt too, and it's amazing what a difference color choice can make. This one is perfect for a boy! Thanks again for participating in the Challenge!