Thursday, May 15, 2014

Local Scout Auction

In PQA we have been working on quilts that we donate as Charity Quilts to groups that are trying to raise money. So we donated a quilt to our church that just had a Boy Scout Auction. Actually we donated two quilts to two auctions. The first quilt raised $75.00. Here is a picture of the quilt I put together and quilted. The group sewed the rows together before I did my part. I love this pattern. It is so fun and easy to make. I do not not know how much this quilt raised.

As I was quilting this quilt I had major problems with my thread. The outside of the thread broke and slid up the shaft of the thread. So I ended up with this interesting bunched up thread. I had to unpick so much quilting. But I worked through it and got to were I would quilt for a bit and the thread would do this "thing" and as soon as it did it I would stop. I did finally get it all done. After I was done quilting that quilt and went back to piecing I did not have any more trouble with that spool. Weird!

One of the ladies that is in PQA asked if I would quilt a wall hanging for her for the same auction. I love the way it turned out. I thought of many different ways to do it but I finally used a brown thread that I borrowed to out line everything. 


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  1. Very nice quilt and I do hope it raised some decent money. Oh, love what you did with the wall hanging - nicely done.