Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goodbye 2013

I love seeing all of the things people make during the year. I really like seeing the mosaics. It is an easy way to see everything all at once. I have made one for me. I felt like I had not made much but when going through the process of making the mosaic I realized I had made many things. Thank you to everybody that keep coming back to read what I am up to. I liked getting things off my UFO list last year and I am planning on doing that again this year. Of all of the projects that I made 10 of them were UFO's. Yippee!!! I have so many projects that I want to do that until I clean of some of my shelves I just don't feel right doing them.  I am making a list of the projects that I am going to finish in 2014. I have also updated the Maniac Monday List page and the Finished Projects page at the top of my blog. I will keep doing Maniac Monday. It is a good way to keep my projects straight in my head without having to try and remember them. I have moved things around to make it easier for me. I will be changing it a little bit more to make space for my 2014 list. In my Finished Projects page I have added all of the projects in the mosaic that were not already there. I will be updating the other pages as I go. Again thank you for stopping by. Have fun looking at what I love to do.


  1. Isn't it surprising? Love the mosaic and I say you had a terrific year.

  2. Lots of great stuff in 2013, cannot wait to see 2014! :)