Friday, February 8, 2013

Quilt Top Finishes

In the quilt group I started a few years back, PQA, our project that we worked on as a group was a block swap. This was the block I picked out. I found it on Quilters Cache. The name is Arrowhead Puzzle. I love orange and red so I came up with this layout.
I received 24 blocks. I made another 18 blocks to make it big enough to fit my Queen sized bed.
I added a small border of red, medium border of orange, and a bigger border of black. I have lots of black left so I will make some shams after it is quilted. 

Because I am working on some older projects and I had orange on the brain I brought this bad boy out. I started working on it about 7 years ago or so. I used my serger because it was out ans serged the whole center. 
I did not remember how far I had gotten. Well after I laid it out all I had to add was the borders. WHY did I stop? LOL!
Here it is with the borders!

Another quilt we were working on in PQA was this wall hanging. I decided not to add the outer border with 
embroidered words. I just like this simple brown border. I love this quilt. It is so cute and fun. Now that I am done I wish I had done the background in black. Oh well!! 


  1. Heeee - I know I found at least one quilt that just needs the borders put on. Isnt' that a crack up? :) Way to go on getting all three of these to full flimsy state!

  2. I really like your arrowhead puzzle quilt. Great job on finishes. Keep up the good work.

  3. I like both the orange, red and white quilts.

  4. Love those first two quilts! The wall hanging is great as well!

  5. Love your orange quilts - especially the Ttrip Around the World - super!

  6. ooh i luv orange too and I adore that arrowhead puzzle! very cool1 The trip around the world is awesome too!