Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What have I been up to...

This is Jayden, he is my nephew. He is eating his 1st birthday cupcake.

 It is almost the end of the year and I feel changes coming on. I have had a very full year and I feel the need to lessen my schedule. With this little guy that I am taking care of turning into a walking toddler I need more free time to be able to take care of him the way he deserves. I can't be stressed out over to many things all month long. So as I go through these next few weeks of streamlining my quilting time I have decided to take a blogging break even though I might drop by here once or twice. I will be back after the first of the new year with a new routine. I can't wait. I am excited. 

I have been trying to get a few things taken care of in my life. Swaps being the biggest. The number of swaps that I am a part of will be one of the things I cut out of my life. I have loved every minute of my swaps that I have been a part of over the last two years. The one swap that I am going to stay with is The Inchy Hexagon Swap. I do not have near enough flowers for my quilt yet, LOL!! Here are the flowers for my November partner. She asked for purple/red color flowers. I hope these work for her. 

The next swap I am in is Block Swap Adventure. I have loved this swap. I have had many wonderful partners and one very rude woman that I am learning to forget. I have made many different blocks that I might not have tried on my own. This is one of the swaps I am dropping out of. I know that it is only one block a month but it is one day a month that I am focused on making something for someone else. 

This block was so fun. It is for my November partner. It is so bright!

These blocks are from the same swap from my partner for November. She did not know which one to send to me so she sent me all three. I love them!!!

The next swap is Let's Bee Together. It works different then most groups. There are 12 swappers. We each take a month and send out fabric to the other 11 people. They make blocks for you and send them back that same month. I have had a great time in this group but this is another group I am not signing up with again. I have my blocks from last year that I have done nothing with and my month for this year is this month. Again I know that it is only one block a month but then with the month that I send out packages to everybody it is all the planning and cutting. I know! I sound like I am whining! 

This block is for our leader. She is great for all that she has done. I can't wait to see the quilt that this block goes into. 


  1. Streamlining is good - we all make adjustments, so need to make any excuses. And taking care of this cutie - hey make time, they don't stay little for long.

  2. Babies, you blink and they are toddlers, blink again and it is the first day of school. Do not miss a moment, each minute is precious and "when it's gone it's gone".

  3. I know what you mean. I'm feeling it too. Time for changes and new adventures.

  4. Wonky stars are some of my favorite blocks - love these! And, we all need to revamp life once in a while and organize ourselves. :)