Monday, November 12, 2012

Sorry Gone So Long, Maniac Monday

I have not posted on my blog in just over three weeks. I feel so bad but sometimes life just calls for all of my attention. We all need to have the ability to step back from our hobbies and give our families and our lives all of ourselves. That is what I have had to do. Now that I am done with the two Hope House quilts that I personally made and making sure my quilt group PQA is done with their Hope House quilts I can get back to my blog. I do not have a total yet of all of the quilts that the PQA members made on their own to donate but together we added 9 more to the list. Tonight when I dropped off the 5 I was in charge of the sweet lady that is over this quilt donation had a count of 96 quilts. There are still quilts coming in. The organization asked for 70 quilts. We will be able to give them a bunch of extras. It is so cool. Bellow are a few pictures of some of the quilts.

This quilt and the following quilt are the ones that PQA worked on together. We each made 9 blocks, a mix of girl and boy blocks. Each quilt has a matching pillowcase. 

This is the boy quilt:

This is the girl quilt:

The members of PQA got together a while back and had a a cut/swap day. We each brought new or old fabric and cut the same size blocks. Then we swapped blocks and made plus sign quilts to donate. Of this pattern the group made 7 quilts with matching pillowcase. Because each of the quilts were similar I only took a picture of this quilt. 

Then on top of all of that I donated two of my own. I had started out with other fabric and a harder pattern. As time counted down I let myself off the hook and just did huge 12.5 inch blocks. I love the look of these two quilts they are so cute. 

Here is a boy quilt:

Here is a girl quilt:

So because I have been so busy with this huge project and other things in my life I have been very bad about doing my other quilty responsibilities  I am so sorry to all of those that I owe cute quilty things too I will be starting on those today. So here is my November list of things to get caught up on. 

Ongoing Projects
Block Swap Adventure~Nov
The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap~Oct & Nov
Let's Bee Together~Nov

Parma Quilter's Anonymous
PQA Block Swap~Nov
Count Your Blessings~Oct & Nov

Saturday Sampler
Stitching Month by Month~Sept, Oct, and Nov

Designer Mystery BOM 2012~July, Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov

Schnibbles~Apr, Aug, Oct, and Nov
Count On It~Sept, Oct and Nov
Hello Sun QA~Sept, Oct, and Nov

New Projects
It's A Mini Quilt Along #2 and #3

Quilts for Kids x 2

Tetris Quilt
It's A Mini Quilt Along #1

Two Quilts for my Sister-in-law


Hope House Quilts for PQA X 2
Hope House Quilts personal X 2

Back Burner
Double Delight Mystery Quilt~Moved to the Back Burner

All of you that followed along with the Leafs me happy Blog Hop a MONTH ago. (I know I am so bad.)
Tomorrow I will finally getting around to the give away. I have put together two little boxes of fabric. I will pick one winner out of all of the people who commented and then one winner from those who are followers.  

I am also part of a new blog hop that is starting very soon. I love this pillow. I can't wait to get started on it. 

Thank you to everybody who is my friend and comes to hang out even when I am not here. Have a good day!!



  1. You are always so busy - family never needs to be an excuse, they come first. Wonderful project with the Hope House quilts. Oh, I need to get started on my pillow - yikes!

  2. Hey, don't feel bad one bit about having to drop blogging for a while. We all understand that Life demands different priorities sometimes. Nice to see you here again now that you're able. :D

  3. Wow you were busy with a great cause! I'm looking forward to seeing your holiday pillow. I love the pattern!

  4. I'm so glad to see a post from you! I was getting very concerned that something was wrong. You were certainly busy and created many wonderful items for a great cause. Have a wonderful week!

  5. looks like you are staying busy. glad to see you back though, like keeping up with what you are doing