Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is funny!

It is so funny. As I made my goals list for the November/December Charming Girls Quilt Club I KNEW that I was over stretching myself but I posted it anyway. Big plans big dreams! Well of course I fell flat. I did get a few things done but nothing like the list I had planned. I am going to post the ones I got done and feel are fair finishes. Here there are:
Done~October Saturday Sampler~The Black and White Garden BOM
Done~November Saturday Sampler~The Black and White Garden BOM
Done~Secret Santa Christmas Swap
Done~Le Petite for November-Butterchurn by This & That by Sherri Falls

Done~Make 12 ornaments for swap
I do not have a picture of all 12 of them together but this one is mine.

So for Charming Girls Quilt Club I am only counting 5 finishes out of 28. Next set of goals will be much smaller. Well I am going to wrap up the first 6 months of blogging and get ready for a new full year. I am making a few blog changes. Trying to make it reflect a little more of myself. Have a good night.


  1. Shannon, don't disparage. Instead of looking at what didn't get done, look at what was done. A finish is a good thing and you should relish in it. Quilting should be a joy not a chore. I see more things ahead for you.

  2. Goodness - you got SO much done! Way to sew girl!! You did a great job!