Friday, June 24, 2016

A Study in Orange

I finally have most of my fabric in their new home. Back in September, when my parents moved in to my family's home, I had to pack everything up and put it into storage. We have now bought a huge storage shed and I have moved all of my stuff into it. I have been working slowly at getting things organized. I have decided to work through one scrap box at a time. Orange was the first to fall under my rotary cutter. It IS my favorite color!! I went looking for ways to use up a ton of scraps and found the Scrap Vortex Quilt Along. Amanda Jean, uses a lot of scraps and has a lot of great ideas. Over a few tutorials she shows how to make these wonderful blocks. I love them. Here is my version of making her quilt, I am going to name it Fabric Scrap Vomit. 

Grab two piece about the same size.
Sew them together.
 Trim them up so that both sides across the seam are straight. I did not worry about the other two sides.

 Take another two-piece section and sew them together. 
 Trim the two sides across the seam that you have just sewn.
Add another section. 
 Trim. Each time you add another section, you trim up the two sides where you just sewn.
 Keep adding and trimming until you have it the size you want.
Here, you can see how I am adding it to another piece that I had already made.
 Trim these.
 Larger and larger it gets, until it is the right size. 
 Is this big enough?
 Or do I add more?
As you can see, I decided it was big enough. These are all the blocks I have made. I am not sure what I am going to do with these. I figure until I have made all of the other blocks using my other colors,I will not know. So until then, I will just keep these in a box. And yes, I still love orange!!



  1. It's always fun to play with scraps, but when they are your favorite color - even more fun.

  2. I love orange too! It's so much fun to play with scraps.

    1. Yes it is fun. I can't wait to do the other colors as well!