Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finished Quilt For Irish Chain Quilt-A-Long

I quilted it over a few days and I finished it yesterday. Today I put the binding on and took care of the thread ends. I love this quilt. I will wash it tomorrow and put it on my bed tomorrow evening. I can't wait to sleep under my own quilt. Chompie is helping hold down the quilt while I worked it around in my sewing machine. Nice doggie! Ha Ha!

Her is the finished quilt. I had my husband and brother-in-law hold it up. The both are over 6 feet and ti was way over their heads. I it s queen, 90" x 90". 

I thought I would show you what else I have been working on. I am now helping my husband and my brother-in-law make groomers for horse arenas. So I am working with metal. My hands do not look like a ladies hands, I can not get the black out all the way.

This is the finished groomer.

This is me cleaning one of the pieces.

I will leave you with a picture of my little family. Me, my husband, our daughters who are off at school again, my son, his wife and our two grand babies. 



  1. Just a wonderful quilt and so fitting that it should be YOUR quilt. Lovely family photo.

  2. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! What a stunning finish!! Loved all of the colors you choose and it is so fun to see them all come together :) And so wonderful that you made it for you ;) That just makes me smile ;) Way to get it all finished. And your family photo is wonderful, what a beautiful family!!

  3. Love the colors and it looks beautiful. Nice job

  4. Great quilt and the colors very pretty.

  5. Great quilt and the colors very pretty.