Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flowers Are Coming Up!!

I have been busy trying to get caught up on all my hexies. I have three sets done and I just need to get my March set done now. 

This set is for my November partner.

These ones are for my December partner.

These are for my February partner.

These are the flowers I received from my February partner. 
She sent me this very cool card. It has a pressed flower on it. I love it!!

I have changed my mind on how I am going to make my hexie flower garden. I am going to go around all of the flowers in another row of petals. I will set them all in black, but in between where the black paths intersect I will put a red, orange, or yellow solid hexie to break up all the black. I will show you what I mean as I get it started. It will be stunning. I can't wait. I need to figure out how many more hexies I need. I have a lot of them now. 


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  1. Hi Shannon, thank you for the flowers that you sent out to me even as I am no longer a part of the swap. I will be sending you out a few flowers as well for the beautiful ones you sent out to me. Again thank you so much.