Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

 I am working on a a quilt for my nephew. He is turning 10 and so into playing a game on the computer. It is called Minecraft. It is a game where you place blocks and built worlds. It is an easy concept and a lot of people play it. One of the bad creatures is called a Creeper. He loves them!! His mom asked if I would make a quilt for him. Here is my "map".

Here is the top half.

The bottom half. 

Sorry for the blurry picture. Do you see the dark green in the wrong spot next to the mouth? 

As I was trying to get blocks moved to get the dark green where it needs to be I ended up with a lot of doubles. So now back to the seem ripper to see if I can switch things around. HA HA Almost done too!!

Thank you for stopping by!!



  1. Oh awesome!! I'm familiar with Minecraft, and I love your creeper quilt! :D What a cool idea. :)

  2. I don't know Minecraft, but I think the quilt design and concept and construction is just fantastic!

  3. Such a cool quilt. Just about everything in Minecraft cries out to be made into a quilt... but Creepers are the best.

  4. My Granddaughter can play it forever and is a moderator of some sort on it. When she's here I get zero computer time.

  5. Looks like you had a great time figuring this out.

  6. This is so awesome! My husband approves too! Lol :)

  7. Nice one, I also had to do some creeper pillows and quilt for my son. Great pattern for boys.